The nursery farm has existed since 1989. We produce certified, virus-free material. The farm area covers over 100 ha (own land and leased one). Annually we cultivate more than 40 ha. The rootstock nurseries occupy 7 ha.

Rootstocks and fruit trees nurseries are irrigated, which allows to obtain high quality material. The entire production is carried out under the constant supervision of the Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection.

In our production structure the main position is kept by apple trees (one-year-old, two-year-old (knip-boom) and 7-month-old trees) - about 90% of the total production of the trees. The remaining part is pear trees (one- and two-year-old), sweet cherry trees (one- and two-year-old), cherry trees and plum trees.

We also produce vegetative rootstocks (virus-free):

  • For apple: M9, M9T337, M26, M7, MM106, P60, P22, P14, A2.
  • For pear: Pigwa S1.
  • For sweet cherry and cherry: Colt, F12/1.

We also specialize in production of the rootstocks with a dormant eye and winter grafting using our own material or material of our clients.
We have specialized cold stores and modern machinery facilities. Our nursery material is sold throughout the country and exported to the countries of Eastern and Western Europe.

The nursery belongs to the Polish Nurserymen Assosiation and the Assosiation for Development of Brachytic Orchards.